Navigating the maze of leadership

At Yellow Maze, we believe that leadership is for everyone and that everyone is unique. However, the leadership training, development and coaching industry today is flooded with generic leadership development frameworks and practices that take a one model fits all approach. Ironically,  one cannot become a successful leader without a tailored leadership development and coaching program that aligns to their own personal characteristics, traits and preferences. This is because no two individuals are exactly alike. We all have our own preferred behaviours and belief systems and so a generic approach to improving one’s leadership capability is flawed from the start.

At Yellow Maze, we start with you. The individual. We help you assess your very own underlying, unique, preferred behavioural traits using proven neuroscience based techniques. We then help you assess what leadership behaviours the role you are seeking to succeed in require, and we conduct a gap analysis. This allows you to get a better understanding of your own preferred behaviours (what makes you tick), determine the required behaviours that your leadership role entails, and identify clearly what behaviours you need to encourage and discourage so as to be successful.

At Yellow Maze, we believe that leadership is for everyone and everyone is unique. Contact us today if you wish to learn more about how you can become the leader you want to be, in your own time, in your own way.