Neuroscience of Leadership

Over the past decade, advances in neuroscience technology has led to a much clearer picture and understanding on what goes on in our brain when we make decisions. While the architecture of our brains are the same, the neural pathways (across which our thoughts flow) are different for each of us. Different behaviours utilise different pathways, hence the reason why different people have different natural preferences. Neuroscience has discovered that the myth of ‘you are stuck with the brain you were born with’ is in fact incorrect. Rather, scientists have proven that each of us has the ability to change our brain, change our neural pathways, so as to encourage or discourage particular behavioural preferences. This ability to change our brain is called neuroplasticity and is the key enabler of neuroscience of leadership development and coaching.

The application of neuroscience to enhance leadership potential is proving to be far more effective than conventional behavioural based approaches. Neuroscience of leadership is about taking our deep understanding of how our brain works and mapping it to the desired behaviours successful leadership requires. Gaining a better (scientifically backed) understanding of how we make decisions, what drives our behaviours and what level of mental toughness we possess is key to developing a pathway upon which we can go from where we are today to becoming the leader we need to be tomorrow.

Yellow Maze applies the proven discipline of neuroscience of leadership to help individuals and teams identify their underlying behavioural tendencies, benchmark the leadership behaviours that their role (current or future) actually requires and roadmap how to close the gap so that they can encourage the desired behaviours, discourage the undesired behaviours and commence the journey of leading change by first and foremost understanding and changing themselves.