Neuroscience of Leadership for ICT Professionals

Yellow Maze assists Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) industry professionals across a range of roles to enhance their neuroscience of leadership capability so as to lead themselves and others more effectively and with more confidence. We help ICT professionals better understand their brain and how to use it so as to help them take control and be more successful in their technology leadership role.

We help a range of leading IT roles including CIO, CTO, CSIO, Service Delivery Manager, Program / Project Manager, Architect, Strategist, Planner, Business Analyst, Software Developer, Tester, Change Manager, SME, Research Analyst, Support Technician and Consultant. Our program is highly practical and relevant and provides a fresh perspective for Technology & IT Professionals on how to navigate the maze of leadership with a deep understanding of their role  and organisational context.

Technology is now deemed a strategic enabler of business success and therefore we need exceptionally talented and capable technology leaders more than ever. However, the ICT profession is one of the most under-serviced industry groups when it comes to leadership development, coaching and training. Often ICT experts find themselves being promoted into a technology leadership role based upon their technical merit, yet they can sometimes lack the necessary emotional, awareness and people orientated behaviours that are required to lead at a non-technical level. They often do this without any professional leadership support. This is the gap in the ICT leadership industry that Yellow Maze is striving to close. Yellow Maze brings the power of neuroscience of leadership to ICT professionals so that they no longer have to leave their career success to chance.

Contact us today to take advantage of our dedicated neuroscience of leadership development and mentoring program for ICT professionals to be the best technology leader you can be.