Resilience of the mind

Change is hard for our brain; it can be exhausting too. However, we all learn to cope with it in our own way, some better than others. If you want to cope better or if you are curious as to why some people handle uncertainty better than others, I would recommend you take a little time to learn more about how your brain responds to uncertainty. You will also learn how you can change your brain to better handle uncertainty.

PRISM Brain Mapping

I am a fully accredited PRISM Brain Mapping practitioner, which enables me to help individuals use neuroscience to better understand themselves and those around them. This is a very simple yet powerful tool and is a relatively inexpensive way to start your own journey of self-awareness and resilience building.

Regardless of whether you use a tool like PRISM or not, it will be a worthwhile effort to learn more about your brain and get to know how to better cope with uncertainty and build sustainable resilience. The world has seen a tremendous amount of change over the past two years; here is to coping better in a brain friendly as we slowly return to the old normal.

Stay safe and stay curious.

Declan, YellowMaze

DM me if you wish to learn more about how you can apply proven neuroscience of leadership techniques to enhance your whole of brain performance and build cognitive resilience.

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