How to realise your full potential – Step 2: Own It

Many people leave the realisation of their full potential to chance. For many, chance doesn’t let them grow fully, for even more, chance stifles their growth.

Yellow Maze has developed a simple 3 step program to help you maximise your own potential.

Step 1: “Know Your Potential” is where the journey begins. See our previous post for more information on this first step to success. Step 2: “Own Your Own Potential” is where self knowledge gives way to self responsibility.

Step 2: Own Your Own Potential

2.1 Accept your behavioural preferences now that you know them. Accept the behaviours that you avoid. Whether you like it or not, you have some growing to do before you can reach your full potential; we all do. These are parts of your personality, attitude and method that are holding you back; accepting the “real” you is a humbling and empowering task. Similarly, you need to truly accept the behaviours you enjoy and be sure not to overplay them. For example, you may enjoy speaking but part of your job may require you to stop talking and listen instead.

Arming yourself with this kind of self-knowledge gives you the ability to spot your triggers and intervene, as required, to adapt your behaviours to the context of the situation at hand, resulting in a more calm and appropriate response.

2.2. Set your self-improvement goals. This is important as goal setting is a reward based system that your brain can emotionally relate to. Write them down as SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-boxed). Be sure to consider your values when goal setting, as alignment to your values will ensure you have a deep emotional desire to change.

2.3 Schedule your goals into a self improvement roadmap. Put some dates around them.

2.3 Start watching your own behaviours and adjust them accordingly. Changing your habits takes determination and patience, but it can be done. Neuroplasticity is your friend; change your mindset, change your behavioural preferences, change the game.

2.4 Identify the triggers that cause you to get over excited or overwhelmed and start putting in place methods to control your desire more effectively (either desire less to “over play” a preferred behaviour or desire more to perform an avoided behaviour).

Have a go at Step 2 and please share your feedback. Step 3 to follow shortly.

Realising your full potential doesn’t have to be left to chance; take control and start with what you have right now, today.

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