How to realise your full potential: Step 1 – Know Yourself

Many people leave the realisation of their full potential to chance. For many, chance doesn’t let them grow fully, for even more, chance stifles their growth.

Here is Step 1 of a simple 3 step program that Yellow Maze has developed to help you maximise your own potential.

Step 1: Know Yourself

Get to know your behavioural preferences:

What energises you?

What de-energises you?

What behaviours feel natural to you?

What behaviours do you avoid?

Get to know your values:

What kind of human interaction matters most to you?

What values do you live and work by?

Knowing your own behavioural preferences allows you to accept your strengths and weaknesses more easily – the beginning of self growth.

You will never make a difficult decision when you know your values.

Have a go at Step 1 and please share your feedback. Step 2 to follow shortly.

Realising your full potential doesn’t have to be left to chance; take control and start with what you have right now, today.

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