Do you know your brain’s optimal thinking schedule?

Did you know that your brain has an internal biochemical clock that enables certain times of the day to be optimised for certain kinds of thinking activities?


Each person’s brain is different yet we all share the same common brain architecture. Recent studies in neuroscience have proven that each of us, at different times of the day, perform optimally at specific types of thinking activities and less optimally at other times. For example, as a technology leader, you may need to facilitate a strategy or design workshop with your team. With knowledge of your own neuroscience profile, you can also be aware that creative and abstract thinking is an activity that your brain will best perform in the early morning as that is the optimal time for your brain’s chemical balance to deliver efficient and clear thinking. Or perhaps this sweet spot is in the afternoon or late evening for you. Regardless of when it is, it only lasts a few hours. Trying to run a workshop either side of this optimal creative thinking period will deliver sub-optimal results.


To learn more about how to apply the best parts of your brain at the best time of day in the best way so as to get better results – contact yellowmaze today for a free initial consultation.

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