Neuroscience of bullying…

Stress Brain Image.png

Research from the Society of Neuroscience reveals how bullying impacts the brain in childhood and later in life.  See the full article here:

The paragraph “Bullying is actually a seriously harmful event in a child’s life. It is a public health issue, because it affects so many children adversely and the biological evidence supports that it confers a risk for future health problems.” sums it up quite well.

Bullying at home, at work, at school or anywhere else is more common and more detrimental than you may think. If you witness it then call it out. Don’t leave it for someone else to intervene as it may come down to you.

To learn more about the neuroscience of bullying and how it can impact productivity and performance or how to better understand how your brain responds to you being bullied or seeing someone else being bullied, contact yellowmaze today.


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